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C The Person on World Hepatitis Day

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hepatitis C (or hep C) is the most common blood-borne virus in Australia. There are 230,000 people in Australia living with chronic hepatitis C.

Today, on World Hepatitis Day, HepatitisWA launches its new 'C the Person, not the disease' campaign.
HepatitisWA's aim is to raise awareness of hepatitis C, with a view to increasing access to testing, treatment and care.

About Hepatitis C

For hepatitis C infection to happen, the blood of someone with hep C has to enter someone else’s bloodstream. This could happen when equipment for injecting, piercing or tattooing is shared.

In Australia, there are almost ten times as many people living with hep C as are living with HIV, another blood-borne virus. This is despite the fact that Hep C is not generally transmitted sexually.

Over time, hepatitis C causes damage to the liver. Access to testing, treatment and support is essential if we are to reduce the impact of hepatitis C in our community.

Stigma and Discrimination A Barrier To Health Care

Studies have shown that people living with hepatitis C face discrimination which can act as a barrier to accessing treatment and making healthy lifestyle changes. Many people living with hepatitis C are reluctant to disclose their status due to stigma and discrimination.

Health Professionals Take The Pledge To Break Down Barriers

HepatitisWA has acknowledged the dedication and high quality services provided by many health care workers.

HepatitisWA is calling out to WA-based general practitioners and allied health professionals to become advocates for the C The Person Not The Disease campaign.

Health professionals can show their commitment to the campaign by making a pledge that will effectively help reduce stigma and discrimination to those affected by hepatitis C.

For more information on hepatitis C or the campaign, please visit www.ctheperson.com.au

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