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Add Sparkle, Not Sparkly To National Condom Day - 14 February 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015

Walks along the beach, intimate dinners and a little planning can make Valentine's Day one to remember. A little planning and less alcohol could make National Condom Day one you won't want to forget.

"National Condom Day, celebrated on Valentine's Day each year, aims to raise awareness of the need to practise safe sex and to always use condoms," says Sexual and Reproductive Health WA's Rebecca Smith. "We encourage people to talk about condoms with their partner and to carry condoms so you aren't tempted to have sex without one."
srhwa's my condom and i competition flyer

Studies show a clear association between drinking alcohol before sexual activity and not using contraception.

"Alcohol in excess can often lead to unsafe sex, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancy and the increased risk of sexual assault," says Rebecca. "Those who drink and use drugs simultaneously are particularly at risk."

Plan For A Good Time...

  • Drinking/taking drugs impacts on your ability to make safe decisions: plan ahead and think about what activities you feel comfortable taking part in before you go out
  • Always carry condoms 'just in case'
  • Use the buddy system to stay safe - have one person in a group of friends agree to stay sober and look out for/after the others 
  • 'Know your own limits' and try and stick to them if you choose to drink/take drugs - this will help you make safe decisions
  • If you do have unprotected sex, remember emergency contraception is available over the counter at pharmacies, and it's a good idea to have an STI test

"As a person's sexual health is a major contributor to their overall personal satisfaction and well being, it's something that should be cared for and respected," says Rebecca.

"Looking after your sexual health means using safe and effective contraception, protecting yourself against STIs, and keeping up to date with sexual health screening such as Pap smears and sexual health checks."

Sexual and Reproductive Health WA (srhwa) offers clinical, counselling, education and information services to men and women of all ages in WA, as well as specialised services for young people, people with disabilities and sex workers.

For more information about srhwa, visit www.srhwa.com.au, or Like srhwa on Facebook.

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