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Jah Prayzah Shares Message Through Music

Monday, 2 February 2015

Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah has worked with the WA Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies
Jah Prayzah at Perth's Astor Theatre in January 2015
(WANADA) to encourage WA's Zimbabwean community to talk openly about alcohol and other drug issues while on a recent tour of Australia.

WANADA's 'A Better Fine' Project Officer Geraldine Muriritirwa realised that Jah Prayzah and The 3rd Generation's Australian tour presented a golden opportunity to engage her community.

"He's a great musician, respected by the community, so we took the opportunity to work with him while here in Perth," says Geraldine.

A Better Fine is working with an advisory group to develop new resources about alcohol and other drug and mental health issues for the Zimbabwean community in Western Australia.

"Our advisory committee was keen to work with Jah Prayzah and helped put the script together," says Geraldine. "Everyone appreciated the opportunity to work with a Zimbabwean celebrity.".

WANADA's A Better Fine Advisory Group member Emmanuel Ranga took time off work to attend the video shoot with Jah Prayzah in Kings Park.

"Recording went well," says Geraldine. "Jah Prayzah took our message and made it his own, speaking and singing in Shona and accompanying his message with the mbira."

Jah Prayzah's visit also gave other members of the WANADA team a chance to learn more about Zimbabwean culture, discovering new sounds thanks to the mbira and hearing Shona language songs for the first time.

Jah Prayzah and The 3rd Generation at the Astor Theatre, Perth
"Everyone enjoyed meeting Jah Prayzah and the band, and some of the team decided to come along to the concert at the Astor Theatre," says Geraldine."We're now looking forward to finishing the video and sharing it with the community."

The video resource is expected to be launched in March 2015. A Better Fine will also be starting discussions and groups later in the year.

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 For more information about A Better Fine, please visit the WANADA website at www.wanada.org.au or contact WANADA on (08) 6365 6365 or via drugpeak@wanada.org.au.

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